Monday, 5 July 2010

It's Friday, but Sundays coming!

Yes Lorna and I have the same post but we found it together and it is too good not to be on both. 

It’s Friday, Jesus is praying
Peter’s a sleeping, Judas is betraying
But Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday, Pilate’s struggling
The council is conspiring, The crowd is vilifying
They don’t even know
That Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday, The disciples are running
Like sheep without a shepherd, Mary’s crying
Peter is denying, But they don’t know
That Sunday’s a comin’
It’s Friday, The Romans beat my Jesus
They robe Him in scarlet,They crown him with thorns
But they don’t know, That Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday, See Jesus walking to Calvary
His blood dripping, His body stumbling
And His spirit’s burdened, But you see, it’s only Friday
Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday, The world’s winning
People are sinning, And evil’s grinning
It’s Friday
The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands to the cross
They nail my Savior’s feet to the cross
And then they raise Him up next to criminals
It’s Friday, But let me tell you something
Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday, The disciples are questioning
What has happened to their King
And the Pharisees are celebrating, That their scheming
Has been achieved, But they don’t know
It’s only Friday
Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday
He’s hanging on the cross, Feeling forsaken by His Father
Left alone and dying, Can nobody save Him?
Ooooh, It’s Friday
But Sunday’s comin’
It’s Friday
The earth trembles
The sky grows dark
My King yields His spirit
It’s Friday
Hope is lost, Death has won
Sin has conquered, and Satan’s just a laughing
It’s Friday, Jesus is buried
A soldier stands guard And a rock is rolled into place
But it’s Friday, It is only Friday
Sunday is a comin’!


Lorna's Ark said...

You nicked my post!

repentant sinner said...

I wrote your post!