Monday, 10 May 2010

Politicians make me so CROSS!!!!! ( But lets face it I really am no better.)

Have been watching the television for most of the day and getting more and more depressed with the whole thing to be honest. Here we are in some of the most frightening economic times I and many have ever known. You would think that this would be the one time when all of our politicians would be able to put aside there craven party political nonsense and actually act as they put it "in the national interest". Instead it all seems to be about who can have the power. It does not seem to matter to anyone what happened in the election last week, as long as we can make the mathematics go the way we need to then we can gain power for ourselves.
I will lay it on the line and tell you where I am coming from when I write . I would probably identify myself as more conservative than anything else although I can see the falsehood in all parties point of view. I do genuinely not like the Labour party who I blame for the current economics we face. I have heard the argument many times about it being a Global crisis but I do not buy it for a second. I know it can be argued that it all started elsewhere but it does not change how our finances looked before it started. I do not understand how you can have more money coming into the treasury than has ever come in and yet still be borrowing billions.
Now after an election where nobody has won we now have undignified horse trading as parties jockey for position. The liberal Democrats are making demands all over the place despite finishing third. The Conservatives are bending over backwards and giving too much just so they can be in power. Labour are still trying to be involved with Gordon Brown resigning( well kind of) and trying to make the mathematics work. The problem with this idea is the concessions to the Welsh and the Scottish will probably mean that England will have to suffer most of the cuts which you cannot imagine going down very well south of the border. The best bit for me in these frightening and terrifying economic times is that the major issue in all talks apparently is reform of the electoral system. That's right not the economy or education or anything the country actually cares about but lets try and put together a system that actually favours my party. Just a quick thought for all of you who want proportional representation , what you are saying is that you want this squalid deal making every 4-5 years. No party will poll 50% so therefore coalition is the only way to get enough votes so again the minority party wins power because the big party needs propping up.

But getting away from the party political point scoring is that nobody in this sorry mess is actually looking out for anything but their own shallow self interest. We all voted for people who care only about getting power and not about us at all. The economy can collapse as long as i get my way and my interest satisfied..

I have often thought that i would love to write a novel. The one idea I had for a book was to write one called The Honest Politician. It was going to be about the one politician that was honest and was a shining beacon amongst the rest, that his integrity was known to all and he had respect form all sides of the house, with no political scandal in his past. He could be relied on to answer honestly to every question and responded with dignity and honour in any and every situation. I know what you are thinking. That's more science fiction than Avatar.

I just wish we could trust our elected representatives to actually be looking out for our best interests and not their own.
But the problem is that I am absolutely no better than anyone else. I was asked the question not so long ago what is the most unselfish thing you do? The truth is the question bothered me a lot because i realise that not much that i do is actually unselfish. Lets face it we all have an angle that we are working. We want people to like us, to do us favours, to think well of us. I could only think that the most unselfish I am is with my kids. Especially when they are only weeks old. Lets face it they cannot do anything for me. But I love them and look after them and I don't need anything in return from them for my endeavors. I have no right to look at others and attack them for being selfish because I am selfish. I cannot attack others for being self serving because I am too.
As much as I get cross with others for lies and self interest I see in my own life the sins that I commit and to be honest I am a sinner who deserves nothing from God.
Oh yes did I forget to mention that I am a christian? Well yes I am I believe that God so loved the world that he sent Jesus to die for us so that we would not die because of our sins but have an eternal life. That Jesus death took me from being a sinner and put me right before God. My sin was washed away and now i can stand before God clean , my sin forgiven.
But I am also aware that despite being forgiven I still act selfishly and put my own interests first and I am so grateful that I worship a God who continually forgives me. The great thing is as well is that I can pray to God to help everyone from Gordon Brown to Nick Clegg to my next door neighbour, my mother and father who still don't believe. I believe I should stop sniping about the situation and instead pray. So here goes :

Dear Heavenly Father
Your name is holy and I thank you that you sent your son that he would die for us,
Lord we pray at this time for our Government and for the negotiations that are taking place,
give everyone clear mind's and show them the best way forward. Help them to put the country first Lord
we pray. Lord I also pray that you would help me to put you first, my wife second, my children third friends forth and myself last. Help me to each day become more like Jesus and each day to be less selfish and more giving.
In Jesus name

ps I know this was a bit of a rant it started angry and then as it went on it became a burden to me to pray. Its only a short prayer but one I hope and pray God will answer.

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