Monday, 17 May 2010


Paul Borthwick tells this story about the missionary Gordon Maxwell :

He went to India as a missionary and his Christian conduct and commitment were evident to all. On one occasion he asked a Hindu man to teach him the local language. The Hindu man replied " No, sahib, for you will convert me to Christianity."
Maxwell tried to clarify " You don't understand, all I want you to do is teach me the language."  But the Hindu replied, "I will not , for no one can live with you and not become a Christian."

I love that final line that no one could live with him and not become a Christian.
Two points I want to make. Firstly his Christian commitment was evident to all. What is our reputation? I have been thinking about this a lot recently what is my reputation. Not that I want a good reputation in the world but I would like God to be looking at me and seeing these things. Not for personal gain but that I could be a witness to God's glory.
Point two that no one could live with him and not be saved. Imagine that in your life that because of your commitment to Christ not only did everyone know who you are and what you believe in but that people just continuously got saved. That people could not be around you without coming to Christ. Imagine the church that has the reputation that people stand outside and say " don't go in there, they will get you and you will definitely end up a Christian".  Just imagine it for a moment that people who came in to meet us could not help  but become Christians. But to do that our conduct and commitment has to shine through.
I believe God wants to work through us. I definitely believe that God would love to be able to look at us and see our commitment and conduct that shines in the world. God has given us his Holy spirit to help us, is it not about time we started giving up our lives and living for Jesus and then just watch the reaction that this world will give us. It may not be easy and it may mean persecution and being called names. But is it not our reputation with God that is more important and the greater our reputation with God the more we can be used. The reason Gordon Maxwell is spoken of in these terms is because of the way he lives his life.

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Lorna's Ark said...

I love that! Oh that Browning Ave would be a church people fear to come to because they will get converted! It's to our shame that we are not more productive with the gospel.